The iPhones are exploding!!!

iPhones are a scam Today I was at a buddy's shop and we're talking about how we couldn't wait to get the new iPhone 7 but what came up on my FB feed had me bugging out for real.  Those same iPhones are exploding and catching fire in the oddest [...]

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You Are A Bad Ass Review

Jen Sincero uses her great voice to clear up some misconceptions on practical uses of self help.  First of all she makes it very clear that she is not one of these self help gurus or that she follows them in anyway prior to being enlighten.  She's [...]

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Welcome to my Blog

Hey everyone.  Welcome to my new blog called Street Symphonies.  Just wanted to say "Salutations"   Anywho, Check back tomorrow for more great new stuff. I'm back and I'm here to share with you my insights and my thoughts about being a modern [...]

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