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Hey everyone.  Welcome to my new blog called Street Symphonies.  Just wanted to say “Salutations”   Anywho, Check back tomorrow for more great new stuff.

I’m back and I’m here to share with you my insights and my thoughts about being a modern young female in a turbulent world.  I’m in my 20’s and things are hectic.  I’m at the age where I’m supposed to know where I’m heading and at the same time I’m a part of a modern lost generation.  I’m hoping with this blog can help me find my way through the galaxy and to be a guide for you as well.

Most of the media that you see out there never takes a female prospective because they’re called the “man” for a reason.  Too many times we are left mute like at the end of a Shakespeare play.  We need to be represented in various types of media.  I’m going to give it all to make sure that all our votes are taken account for.  I’m here to be a voice of this generation; the voice that clears the static and pollution of this world with music with art with sexy technology.

Imagine being the voiceless in a world of screamers.  Some girls feel like this.  Like they’re being pushed around with no one to turn to.  I’m the one to turn for voice amplification.  I’m the one that can answer you’re burning questions and get the job done.

I am very opinionated and stubborn.  I’ll let you know what you’re doing wrong and what you shouldn’t be following.  I’m here to be loud and to be in your face.  But I’m your friend too.  I’m on your side.  I can hear a gleeful sound that’s beyond this space this time this atmosphere.  I will share it you.

As you can tell I have a flair for the dramatic…. lol but seriously I think that there’s a lot of white noise out there and most of it isn’t good for you.  I’m here to review different aspects of life, music, and technology: from the street to the symphony, from high brow to low brow art, from uptown to downtown, I will be your guide your confidante the one the only Victoria.

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