You Are A Bad Ass Review

Jen Sincero uses her great voice to clear up some misconceptions on practical uses of self help.  First of all she makes it very clear that she is not one of these self help gurus or that she follows them in anyway prior to being enlighten.  She’s English major, creative writing and in every as self deprecating as any modern student of letters.

She found her way into a seminar and learned how to love herself.  Coolest part of the book is that at the end of every chapter there’s a cool rift on some advice that she gives, like love commandment: Love Yourself… and you will have it all or Love Yourself and you will be invincible.

She talks about letting go (not in a Disney Princess snow globe blowing way) and forgive.  Letting go and forgive of yourself and others is the first step in the right direction of you want and how you are going to love.   Love and a negative vibe you hold about yourself or some one else cannot occupy the same space.   She suggest that you affirm with yourself forgiveness and for other forgiveness too to begin healing and reproduction of good vibes.

This the kind of book that needs to be sung for women, men and the entire human race.  We send our vibes out to atmosphere like a song to the world and it comes back and reverberates through the cosmos and returns to you as your results.  I’m not a big fan of Tony Robbins but he’s right about your focus and where it goes your energy flows.  Jen starts talking about the freedom to love the freedom to give your voice to the world and that’s inspire to be a better woman and a human in this world.

Check out this book.