The iPhones are exploding!!!

iPhones are a scam

Today I was at a buddy’s shop and we’re talking about how we couldn’t wait to get the new iPhone 7 but what came up on my FB feed had me bugging out for real.  Those same iPhones are exploding and catching fire in the oddest time and place.   What kind of world do we live in where you can’t trust your device to stay together.  Safe to say I won’t be getting a iPhone 7 anytime soon.  That earbud thing was already getting me bugged out because I lose my earphones all the time.  The smaller they get the worst I lose them.  So imagine me trying to keep track of those portable earbuds…. F’ that.

With all the repairs you have to do now for the cells we have now.  Who would ever have enough money to repair a phone that exploded.  No repair tech would ever in their right mind charge to fix that.  You can’t even get your money back.  What a gib.

And so continues the male dominated capitalist regime that is the cell phone industry and Apple…. don’t get me started on Steve Jobs (for real though, RIP because his products were great once).

How about an indestructible phone that never needs an upgrade or anything like that.  In a perfect world, all of these devices will not replaced, broken or shattered.  Instead we’ll have one phone for everything

I wonder if the answer is the google Pixel phone???  How is that one to repair?  how much is that one replace.  Philosophical meditations on the role of the cell phone in modern society.

This is same buddy, Tom, operates a mobile service that repair broken cell phones.  I wanted shout him out and make sure he gets some love.  be sure to check out his site